Multiple Teams · NFL Character Building Initiative

Our athletic program is built on one concept, build positive character in our athletes and our teams will prosper which in turn will make for a positive school and community culture.  The state of Texas has recognized our efforts.  Our athletic director, Mark Soto, was invited to a NFL sponsored Character Building Initiative on Tuesday February 16th.  The workshop included the Texas High School Coaches Association, UIL, Coach for America and the Dallas Cowboys working in concert bringing to light the need for character education based athletic programs throughout the United States.  The effort is funded by the NFL.

The day long invite only workshop included Superintendents, AD’s, coaches and NFL personnel. We discussed awareness, brainstormed curriculum and implementing ideas for all athletic programs. San Marcos was invited due to the fact we have made great strides in the last 4 years.  We attribute our success’ to being a character education based athletic program.  Our coaches teach a character based curriculum along with a leadership guide during off-seasons enhancing the development of our student-athletes.  San Marcos is on the forefront of this push to help change the culture of America.

A coach has the position, power and platform to reach today’s student athletes.  We take pride in working with San Marcos’ youngsters to help parents teach great morals and values.  One exercise at the workshop was to construct our own personal coaching purpose.  Not a goal but a purpose for coaching.  My personal coaching purpose reads “I coach to teach teenagers how to live with a passion for life, to develop positive relationships, walk with integrity and respect the power of love” Coach Soto. As coaches we will continue to develop solid character based education curriculum for our student athletes.


garrett soto teague horizontal 2(left) George Teague, former Cowboy and AD at Shelton School

(middle) Jason Garrett, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys

(right) Coach Mark Soto, AD at San Marcos CISD