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Multiple Teams · Week 3: XC Training

Hardest and Longest week of Training so far! Increase your weekly mileage by about 4-5 miles and keep trying to push the pace! Every third week is a great week to push yourself and try to get better and stronger. Stay consistent in your training and running each week. Something is always better then nothing.

June 19th- 25th
Monday: LSDR- 5-7 miles at an easy pace.
Tuesday: Tempo- 25 mins at a fast pace.
Wednesday: 4-6 miles easy pace.
Thursday: 4-5 miles on rolling hills around San Marcos. The more hills the better!
Friday: 35 mins easy!— Take today off if you feel tired or need a break!
Saturday: 4-6 miles easy.
Sunday: Recovery day! Take the day off to enjoy the river or ride a bike around!

This week is the USA Track and Field Championship in Sacramento, Ca. Watch some of the races or field events and see some of the top athletes in the nation or in the world compete for a spot on the USA team that will compete at the world championship later this year.

Brooks PR Invitational: Three high school runners run under 4:03  in the mile this past weekend including Sam Worley. Check out the race. Third lap is always the hardest, this is why when we workout we always work the hardest on the second to last rep.